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Custom garage doors have become surprisingly popular, in part because homeowners recognize that the garage door is one of the primary visible exterior surfaces seen by passers-by and visitors. To make these doors as appealing as possible, some Garage Door 24 Hours clients have availed themselves of our custom-design services to create very appealing garage doors.

Garage Door 24 Hours Gary, IN 219-224-2864When our Garage Door 24 Hours designer works with you on a residential or commercial custom garage door, the entire local environment is considered, as well as your personal lifestyle. With a holistic understanding of your requirements, our design expert can recommend a wide range of door designs, including diverse materials like imported wood types, brushed aluminum, transparent materials, and composites, so that some very creative and appealing options can be considered.

A great many garage door styles are also available, for instance overhead garage doors, bi-fold and tri-fold garage doors, bar-inspired garage doors, and swing garage doors, are some of the many options that an Garage Door 24 Hours specialist might create for you. Every door we build at our facility comes with the same durable and long-lasting components as our sturdy standard garage door models.

Most clients who request a custom built garage door are looking for something more than simple access and standard security. We at Garage Door 24 Hours are very excited to explore the possibilities of a custom design with you, to enhance the appeal of your dwelling or your place of business.

High Security Locks

We understand at Garage Door 24 Hours that safety is one of the critical features of any garage door system whether it be for home or business, which is why we offer our clients a full array of high-security garage door locks to secure your valuables. These types of locks are specifically designed for outdoor use and heavy-duty usage, so as to add an extra layer of protection for all materials and assets inside your garage.

Shutters and Security Grilles

Customers in need of a cost-effective garage door solution that also provides security features, should consider the Garage Door 24 Hours inventory of heavy duty shutters and security grilles. Solutions like these provide inexpensive ways of controlling access to your valuables, and since they’re also very lightweight options, they can be used ideally in areas like retail spaces, which do not require protection from weather.