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Because our Garage Door 24 Hours technicians have a wealth of expertise in garage door design, maintenance, repair, and implementation, they have all the knowledge and experience necessary to be expert in the industry, and to serve you proficiently 24 hours a day. The lightning fast service we offer to clients in the Gary, IN area is made possible by the mobile service units we always have on the road, which help us keep your garage door operating smoothly and efficiently.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes homeowners and business owners have their garage doors serviced by unqualified personnel who lack the knowledge to do the job right. When this happens, a simple problem can easily balloon into a major issue that requires a lot more money and a lot more work to solve the problem. It is even possible that an untrained worker could be injured during a service attempt, because of the enormous weight involved with many garage doors.

Garage Door 24 Hours Gary, IN 219-224-2864Because Garage Door 24 Hours employs only highly skilled and highly knowledgeable garage door specialists, they are all well able to maintain, repair and enhance your garage door system to keep it running smoothly, and have it look its best. When one of our mobile service units arrives at your location, you can count on our technician being ready to deliver professional service quickly and effectively, to resolve any issue you have. As the premier source in the area for garage door service, Garage Door 24 Hours stands ready to deliver the best products and the best services to all Gary residents and businesses.

Garage Door Checkup

With garage door design being as complicated as it is, and each component being dependent on adjacent components for proper functionality, any individual failure could quickly trigger a general breakdown. This can be avoided by regular maintenance, so as to keep your garage door functioning properly, especially in the case of custom-designed doors or extra heavy-duty garage doors.

Our Garage Door 24 Hours technicians have all the tools and knowledge necessary to identify and correct functional issues before they result in such breakdowns. Our proactive garage door services check on all points of vulnerability, and apprise you of all current and potential areas that might require attention.

When you have one of our technicians review your garage door system, you can count on everything from garage door springs and panels to the track assembly and door hardware, to be carefully reviewed and adjusted as needed. After a total assessment, our Garage Door 24 Hours technician can then relate a complete picture to you of your garage door system, and recommend any services, replacement parts, or enhancements that might improve the functionality of your garage door system.

Off-Track Garage Door

The track assembly of your garage door is what allows it to be raised and lowered smoothly, and when something happens to disrupt that tracking, it can cause your garage door to become stuck and immobile. Some of the most common causes for your garage door going off-track are: a broken cable, environmental factors like moisture or rapidly changing temperatures, or some kind of malfunction with the electric eye that detects objects in the closing path of the door. Sometimes even a forceful impact against the track can cause the garage door to be pushed off its track and stuck in position. Whatever the cause of your garage door being sent off-track, it’s a situation that you need to resolve quickly, whether the door is immobilized in an open or closed position. Garage Door 24 Hours technicians have faced such off-track problems many times before, and will have the experience and training necessary to quickly get your garage door raising and lowering smoothly again, to avoid further disruption to your day.