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Garage Door 24 Hours Gary, IN 219-224-2864We have a tremendous selection of rolling service garage doors at Garage Door 24 Hours, which can provide for you another option for your garage door needs. One of the big advantages of rolling steel door models is they can be used in situations where it’s necessary to maintain maximum entry space. Almost all standard opening sizes can be accommodated by our up-coiling service doors. We can also offer options like a full range of colors, slat profiles, and even curtain materials, that will accommodate your security and aesthetic requirements all at once.

Some of the most popular options we provide for standard overhead garage doors are automatic opening devices which make control of your door available at the touch of a button, as well as motion sensors which detect the presence of an incoming vehicle or person. As a fail-safe measure, we can also install a backup battery system, so that even during heavy storms or power outages, access to your garage door and everything inside is not interrupted.

When one of our Garage Door 24 Hours technicians designs the perfect garage door system for you, an implementation team can bring that assembly directly to your site in a mobile service unit for installation. Because these rolling workshops carry all the equipment needed for repairs and installation, the whole operation can be done very quickly and easily. We have built a reputation among our clients for excellence and reliability throughout the Gary area, and if you’d like to take advantage of this superior service and our high quality products, call today for a free consultation.