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If your garage door needs in the Gary area go beyond standard models, we can offer a great many specialty garage doors to suit both practical and aesthetic needs. To accommodate clients who need more than the standard door, Garage Door 24 Hours can offer a huge variety of specialty doors, whatever your specific needs happen to be. Our Garage Door 24 Hours specialists can consult with you to determine exactly what you require, and with their vast knowledge of all garage door types and the impact they can have on your living circumstances, they will certainly be able to find the right specialty door for you.

Insulated Doors

Garage Door 24 Hours Gary, IN 219-224-2864Insulated garage doors are some of our most popular requests among specialty doors, because they provide important protection against the elements of weather, so your valuable equipment inside stays safe and protected. Businesses which make use of warehouses and need to maintain consistent interior temperatures can also take advantage of the insulating qualities of these specialty doors.

If you’re a handyman around the home who enjoys doing all kinds of projects in the garage, an insulated garage door will help you to maintain a comfortable working climate, so that you can carry on your do-it-yourselfer activities throughout the year. These insulated doors are so effective that they can actually lower your energy costs, by retaining conditioned air inside. We have just the right insulated door for your home or business at Garage Door 24 Hours, and we’ll be happy to customize it to your precise needs.

Fire Doors

You might not think of your garage as a place which is particularly susceptible to fires, but in truth, it makes great sense to include a fire door on your garage. This is especially true if you store chemicals, paints, paint thinners, cleaning solutions, gasoline, or other flammable materials which can trigger sudden fires in the garage.

All it takes is a leaking fuel can and a spark to set off a raging fire, and sometimes even a concentrated ray of sunlight is sufficient to provide the trigger – and when that happens it can easily spread to nearby living quarters. Fire doors are typically rated to withstand heat and flames up to specific intensity levels, with normal capability designed to resist small flames completely, and retard the progress of larger flames.

This kind of capability can be priceless in protecting the interior of your business place or your valuables at home, and it just might provide you the critical time you need to escape from a home or office building which is being consumed by flames.

The benefits provided by fire doors are so well known and documented that many city, county, and state buildings specifically call for their installation in public buildings as a first line of defense against fires. There is no way to overstate the value and importance of fire doors in providing an extra layer of safety for you and your family at home, or your place of business in protecting assets, and giving you the extra time you need to avoid disaster.

Traffic Doors (High Speed Doors)

One very popular garage door we offer to our clients is the high-speed door, which is intended for use in high-traffic situations for frequent raising and lowering of the garage door. Because these doors can open and close more quickly, they deliver more usefulness and value at greater speeds than standard models can operate, and in many cases they also produce lower levels of noise during operation.