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You’ll find the largest selection of garage doors and components from all the leading companies in the industry here at Garage Door 24 Hours, as well as a huge supply of generic components which offer both performance and value. This makes us the best source in Gary for any kind of garage door parts you may need, as well as weatherproofing materials and related components for just about every garage door model on the market.

Garage Door Springs

The vastly under-rated garage door spring sits at the core of any garage door system, providing a counter-balance to the door’s weight during raising and lowering, and it helps to ensure proper functionality. So when a garage door spring fails, it can quickly lead to the malfunctioning of the entire garage door system. We understand this at Garage Door 24 Hours, and that’s why we maintain a huge inventory of garage door springs, including extension springs, torsion springs, and a wide variety of custom springs to fit specialty doors.

Garage Door 24 Hours Gary, IN 219-224-2864Our expert consultants can help you navigate through the bewildering array of garage door springs to find the appropriate components for your garage door system. We can also provide you with quick repair or replacement at Garage Door 24 Hours for whatever kind of garage door springs you may need, including non-standard springs. We can help you identify the very best components for use in your system, and recommend best practices to you which will help to avoid future breakdowns.

Torsion Springs

Above the door of a garage door system, you’ll see the torsion spring attached to a metal bar, and the function of this spring is to compensate for the garage door’s weight by transferring it to a stabilizing bar. At each end of the bar, there’s a spool of cable which works with the unwinding spring to cause the door to be opened. This design is what makes it possible to lift the heavy load of your garage door, and it is generally necessary to include either one or two torsion springs for a home door system, while more are usually needed for larger commercial doors. The durability of torsion springs largely depend on their wire size, spring length, and inside diameter.

Extension Springs

Extension springs on the other hand, are usually mounted on the doorframe or on a pulley assembly attached to your garage door system. These springs operate by manipulating the garage door’s weight through contracting and stretching while the door is actually moving. The underlying principle of extension springs works such that a contracting spring forces the door upward toward the ceiling, while a stretching spring counterbalances the garage door’s weight. Remember that both torsion Springs and extension springs are constantly under extreme pressure, and can only be serviced safely by a trained professional.

Spring Repair

The specialized design of garage door springs often makes them more vulnerable to failure than other components of your system. Especially since they are operating under significant pressure while managing your garage door’s weight, it can represent a significant danger when one of these springs fails under the stress. To avoid having your garage door come crashing down suddenly, it’s very important to ensure that all functioning garage door springs are well-maintained, and in a good state of repair. This is exactly the kind of maintenance we specialize in at Garage Door 24 Hours, to preserve your safety as well as the safety of other occupants, and the assets inside your garage.